The Mortal Tempest

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The earth moves, time shifts, and it's up to one mortal to save two worlds — or die trying.

The day Lindsey Porter married her soul mate, the sylph king Nevan, should've been the best day of their lives. But nothing ever goes as planned for the Janusite, the one mortal gifted with the powers of the Roman god Janus. An earthquake splits the ground open, heralding the arrival of an uninvited guest. Janus has returned from his millennia-long imprisonment — and he wants his powers back. Things can't get any worse, right?

Until time itself shifts…

The worlds realign. Reality changes. And Lindsey discovers only she, her familiar Max, and the powerless god Janus remember what came before the time shift. Even Nevan has no memory of Lindsey.

As she and her allies struggle to defeat an enemy with a mysterious vendetta against the Janusite, the worlds shift again…and again. Amid the chaos, Lindsey must choose between saving the ones she loves and preventing an apocalypse. But will the magic of the Janusite be enough to stop a time-traveling villain who seems to always walk two steps ahead?

The Mortal Tempest concludes the Janusite trilogy, but the Undercover Elementals series will continue with fresh stories and characters.


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