How To Teach The Bible To Children Your Step By Step Guide To Teaching The Bible To Children

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If you want to learn how to teach the Bible to children, then get "How to Teach The Bible To Children" written by a person who has real life experience teaching kids about the Bible.

Do you have a passion to teach the Bible to children but just don't know how to get started? If so, then this guide is for you. This guide is designed to help you fulfill your passion to teach God's word to children by supplying you with practical tips about how to go about teaching the Bible to children.

- The guide walks you through the steps of how to prepare yourself so you will be able to teach the Bible, but it doesn't stop there.

- It teaches you step-by-step how to prepare a Bible lesson, all the way from choosing the subject matter, to preparing the visuals, to including applications along with the story.

- Besides teaching you how to teach a Bible lesson, this guide also includes other suggestions for creative ways to teach the Bible and to encourage children to remember what they have been taught.

- It provides ideas for Bible memory, for review games, for crafts, and for developing relationships with the children that you teach as well as with their parents.

- This guide also answers such questions as how to recruit children to come to your Bible lessons and how to deal with distractions and difficult children. It is designed not only for those who teach Sunday school or Bible club, but also for any parent or grandparent who wants to teach the children in their lives about the Word of God, and to train them to live for the Lord!

About the Expert

Anne Snyder has been teaching the Bible to children for over ten years. This career of teaching began with her desire to reach out to the neighborhood children. She attended a training session with Child Evangelism Fellowship, but has gained most of her experience by teaching children.

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