The Janusite Trilogy Undercover Elementals, Books 1-3

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She wields the powers of a god, but she's only human.

Lindsey Porter led a mundane life, refusing to believe in the paranormal, until the day one man shattered all her preconceptions. The sylph Nevan tempts her like no one else—and forces her to see the supernatural all around her. Accepting her destiny as the Janusite, the one mortal gifted with the powers of the Roman god Janus, proves even harder than resisting Nevan's seduction. Forced to straddle two worlds, Lindsey becomes the protector of…everything.

And the target of every bad guy, supernatural or human, who craves ultimate power. Can Lindsey save two worlds, time and again, without losing everything that matters most to her?

Passion, magic, destiny, and suspense collide in The Janusite Trilogy. Follow Lindsey and Nevan's epic journey from wary allies to star-crossed lovers and beyond. This steamy trilogy includes three complete novels—The Mortal Falls, The Mortal Fires, and The Mortal Tempest—plus exclusive bonus chapters.

The Janusite Trilogy concludes Lindsey and Nevan's story, but the Undercover Elementals series will continue with fresh stories and characters.


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