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"In Allies, Alan Gratz's thrilling novel of D-Day, we met Samira, a young girl who is part of the underground French resistance
during World War II. Samira cracks codes and trades secrets in order to sabotage the Nazis' plans.
In Resist, we delve deeper into Samira's story. Here, we follow Samira as she journeys through the Nazi-occupied French
countryside, on a daring rescue mission to find her captured mother. Accompanied only by a loyal dog named Cyrano, Samira
must rely on her courage and wits to avoid and outsmart the German forces. But it's D-Day, and with the Allied forces landing in
Europe, fierce battles are raging all around. Can Samira reach her mother and save her in time?
This action-packed World War II short story can be read before or after Allies -- or entirely on its own!"


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