Natural Impulse

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I'm a computer nerd who can't keep a girlfriend, but now I've got the best job ever as assistant manager at Au Naturel Naturist Resort. As a naturist—aka nudist—I'm right at home here. Until Mara Severins shows up. She's wicked hot, but the girl thinks "naturist" means birdwatching, and when she catches her first glimpse of all the naked guests here, she freaks out.

What else can I do? My job, that's what. I take care of the guests, which means I have to babysit Mara. It would help if I didn't develop an, um, embarrassing condition every time I see her. She's an uptight city girl at a rural nudist resort, so yeah… Mission control, we've got a problem.

Her wacky hang-ups drive me almost as crazy as her sexy body does. Then she kisses me. Then I kiss her. And then things start to get out of hand, and the line between assistant manager and guest gets awfully blurry.

Natural Impulse is the second book in the Au Naturel Trilogy of romantic comedies from Anna Durand, bestselling author of the Hot Scots series.


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