The Year Of The Black Sheep

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Have you ever been considered the black sheep in your family, or in a group, just because your thoughts and ideals differ from those around you? Have you ever felt like the other because of your inability to accept or live according to the status quo? The label of black sheep is often met with judgment and negativity, but what if we redefined the role of the black sheep as one whose unique, stand-alone qualities inform success? Author Keith Hahn sets out to do just this while simultaneously helping you identify your inner-black sheep and use it to triumph over convention. Drawing on personal anecdotes from his own life, as well as those of past and present greats, Hahn explores how the ways of the Black Sheep can help you: Find out your purpose and earn a passion paycheck as a result. Eliminate fear, stress and self-imposed blocks to achieve success. Create luck instead of stumbling upon it. Battle stagnation with productivity and proactivity. Be thorough and commit to complete. Focus and find mental clarity through the mind-body connection. Embrace simplicity and let go. Befriend failure and find the balance between ego and humility. Keep your emotions in check while maintaining a confident, yet comfortable, image. Move beyond just getting there by cultivating stamina and endurance. Are you ready to take the lead in your own life and use your unique gifts to shape your future? Are you ready to unleash the Black Sheep within? **Bonus Feature with Chapter Testimonials from the Black Sheep Voices podcast on Apple and Spotify!


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