Value Investing From Graham to Buffett and Beyond, 2nd Edition

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Beat the market with the tips and techniques from the best value investors in the world

The classic, seminal work in the field, Value Investing has been updated in a new, second edition to include the latest trends and a close look at some of the emerging investors who continue in the value investing tradition of Ben Graham and Warren Buffett. Featuring an exploration of the history of value investing and those that brought this investment approach to the fore, you will also discover the real-world techniques you can use to propel your own portfolio using a sound, proven approach to discovering value.

In the modern era, investors are increasingly caught up in so-called hot tips, can't-miss startups, excessive optimism, and short-term speculation. Value investing is the antithesis to these short-sighted approaches, and stresses what Ben Graham—the father of value investing—referred to as the "margin of safety" when describing the gap between an equity's price and its value.

Value Investing, Second Edition is your guide to implementing value investing principles in your own portfolio, complete with a look at the approaches used by the best value investors past and present.


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