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The generation starship Pioneer continues her centuries-long journey across the vastness of space. Joseph has returned to hibernation. The passengers are safe.

For now.

When the ship suffers an unexpected malfunction, Preslan is brought in to help identify the source. Joining Tyson on the bridge, it isn’t long before they determine there’s more to the anomaly than meets the eye.

Much, much more.

Not only is the ship off-course and headed into the middle of an ancient intergalactic war, but their best defense against the looming danger is the same thing that’s forcing them into it.

The stakes are higher, the odds are greater and time is running out. If they can’t escape the impending chaos, it won’t only be the passengers and crew of Pioneer that are lost...

...it’ll be the entire human race.

Join Joseph, Tyson, Keesha, Preslan, Niko, and the other passengers and crew of Pioneer -- plus a few old friends from the wider Forgotten Universe -- in the third explosive installment of Forgotten Starship.


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