Beam, Straight Up The Bold Story of the First Family of Bourbon

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This book is an entertaining and informative look at the First Family of Bourbon - the Beams - written by the colorful, seventh generation Beam family member and Master Distiller, Frederick Booker Noe III.  It is the first book to be written by a Beam, the family behind the 217-year whiskey dynasty, and makers of one of the world's best-selling bourbon, Jim Beam. The book features family and bourbon history, stories about Fred's youth "growing up Beam" in Bardstown, Kentucky, his transition from the bottling line to renown global bourbon ambassador, as well as valuable business insights and takeaways. The book includes details on Fred Noe's life on the road, spreading the bourbon gospel A simple primer on how bourbon is made. Fred's long journey to becoming the face of one of America's most iconic brands Cocktail and food recipes The bourbon industry today, and how the Jim Beam family business helped shape it The various sponsorships, charities, and events that the company supports