The Blood of the Covenant

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Refresh your soul with this delightful portrayal of all the blessings that flow from the work of Christ.

The Blood of the Covenant:

1. It Contains the Good News.

2. It is the Purchase-money for the Church.

3. It is the Atonement.

4. It is the Redemption.

5. It is the bringing nigh.

6. It Contains the Cleansing.

7. It Contains the Peace.

8. It Contains the Pardon.

9. It Contains Justification.

10. It contains that which makes white.

11. It Contains the Sanctifying.

12. It Contains the Power to Conquer.

13. It Contains Our Right of Entrance into the Holiest.

14. It Contains the Seal of the Covenant.

15. It Contains Drink for the Soul.

16. It Contains Life.

17. It Contains Protection.

18. It Contains Separation from the World.

19. It Contains Resurrection.

20. It Contains Condemnation.


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