The Age Of Wood: Our Most Useful Material And The Construction Of Civilization

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"Narrator Dennis Boutsikaris, no stranger to nonfiction, performs a re-examination of human evolution that puts our arboreal origins at its hub. Boutsikaris takes on a conversational tone, which increases the accessibility of this well-researched audiobook by helping listeners connect with the importance of trees, not only for humankind's physical development but also for our sociocultural and technological advances. The treatise provides easy-to-understand context, uncovering the central role wood played in the development of tool use, shelter, and water transportation all the way up to the precipitating events of the U.S. Revolutionary War—and even everyday life in the 21st century. Boutsikaris's varied cadence keeps listeners engaged, and his thoughtful pacing allows time to think about the author's theories and novel concepts."


  • 001 TheAgeOfWood Open

    Duración: 31s
  • 002 TheAgeOfWood Prologue

    Duración: 15min
  • 003 TheAgeOfWood WoodAndHumanEvolution Ch1 OurArborealInheritance

    Duración: 36min
  • 004 TheAgeOfWood WoodAndHumanEvolution Ch2 ComingDownFromTheTrees

    Duración: 34min
  • 005 TheAgeOfWood WoodAndHumanEvolution Ch3 LosingOurHair

    Duración: 19min
  • 006 TheAgeOfWood WoodAndHumanEvolution Ch4 ToolingUp

    Duración: 35min
  • 007 TheAgeOfWood BuildingCivilization Ch5 ClearingTheForest

    Duración: 37min
  • 008 TheAgeOfWood BuildingCivilization Ch6 MeltingAndSmelting

    Duración: 34min
  • 009 TheAgeOfWood BuildingCivilization Ch7 CarvingOurCommunities

    Duración: 41min
  • 010 TheAgeOfWood BuildingCivilization Ch8 SupplyingLifesLuxuries

    Duración: 20min
  • 011 TheAgeOfWood BuildingCivilization Ch9 SupportingOurPretensions

    Duración: 32min
  • 012 TheAgeOfWood BuildingCivilization Ch10 LimitingOurOutlook

    Duración: 28min
  • 013 TheAgeOfWood WoodInTheIndustrialEra Ch11 ReplacingFirewoodAndCharcoal

    Duración: 31min
  • 014 TheAgeOfWood WoodInTheIndustrialEra Ch12 WoodInThe19thCentury

    Duración: 43min
  • 015 TheAgeOfWood WoodInTheIndustrialEra Ch13 WoodInTheModernWorld

    Duración: 30min
  • 016 TheAgeOfWood FacingTheConsequences Ch14 AssessingOurImpact

    Duración: 39min
  • 017 TheAgeOfWood FacingTheConsequences Ch15 MendingOurStrainedRelationship

    Duración: 24min
  • 018 TheAgeOfWood Close

    Duración: 49s