Tales From the Dad Side

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Dear Prospective Audiobook Buyers,!

Publishing types tell me if you're reading this it means you're looking for a reason to buy this audiobook.

What you're holding in your hands is a very funny and sometimes remarkably poignant look at fathers from the dad's side. Which is why it's called Tales from the Dad Side.

It's filled with stories of what it's been like as a dad and a son, from a child's first day of kindergarten, the awkward sex talk, right up to the day the always practical dad tries to pay for college with bonus miles. As children get older, the lessons of the father get harder. The truth is, fatherhood is like Wikipedia, some parts based in fact, others just made up along the way. And while bookstores are filled with tales of mothers, their children, and families, there are so few from the dad's side. Now as a public service, I'm doing my part to right this wrong.

Steve Doocy


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