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Series Finale!

The starship Pioneer’s voyage is coming to an end, and it won’t be like anything the passengers or crew could have imagined.

If any of them survive to see it.

Pioneer needs to reach the Forge, but the Forge is surrounded by the enemy’s massive fleet, which is preparing to launch an assault that could leave the station in ruins. Keesha works to repel the attack, mounting a defense she can only hope will keep them all alive.

Light-years away, Joseph and Max have located Preslan and Tyson. While finding them was relatively easy, getting to them won’t be. It’ll take all of their skills and ingenuity to recover the prisoners and escape. Even that might not be enough.

The challenges are mounting. The odds of success decreasing. Time is running out. The passengers and crew of Pioneer are in for the fight of their lives and win or lose, the Universe may never be the same.


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