The Wedding Dress

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Three women. Three love stories. One dress. The new heartwarming and uplifting romance from award-winning romance writer Dani Atkins. Suzanne is engaged to be married to the man of her dreams – except the lead up to her wedding is beginning to feel more like a nightmare. Can Suzanne uncover the truth about her fiancE ahead of her big day? Bella's life was on track until the day of the hen party when everything changed. Now she must find the strength to rebuild her future – and decide who she wants to spend it with. Mandy's grandmother has fallen in love but her family don't approve. For her grandmother's dreams to come true, Mandy has a secret wedding to plan, and a very special dress to find. These are the three strangers whose stories are about to be woven together by one perfect wedding dress. 2021 Head of Zeus


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