Out of Zion Meeting Jesus in the Shadow of the Mormon Temple

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Imagine what might happen if the solid foundation of what you believe suddenly begins to shake . . .

That's exactly what happened to Lisa Brockman, a six-generation Mormon with lineage tracing back to the early church. In college, Lisa found herself challenged to defend her faith, and the beliefs she knew to be true began to unravel. In Out of Zion, Lisa shares her journey of discovering the biblical Jesus and the key conversations that led her from the faith of her ancestors to conversion to Christianity.

If you have reached a place of questioning what you believe, or you long for confidence to share your faith with others, Lisa provides the framework you need to . . .

● understand the nuances of the history and evolution of Mormon culture

● learn to identify the vital differences between the Mormon and biblical plans of salvation

● compassionately engage in conversation with your Mormon friends and neighbors

As you follow the evolution of Lisa's faith, you will face the same challenge to defend what you believe and, ultimately, learn to share the gospel effectively with others.