8: Reflections On Building Business + Balance

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What is 8? 8 is a record of a chapter of my life. As I reflected on the last couple of years and wrote this book, I realized my biggest personal and professional goal was to become incredibly financially successful by the time I hit thirty years of age. It became my identity and the way I valued myself as a young man. As a consequence, my teens and twenties often became an unconscious sprint of personal challenges and professional volatility. It felt like a roller coaster of the highest highs and lowest lows. When I ultimately achieved my financial goals, I felt as if I was left personally bankrupt. My mental, emotional, and spiritual health was in dire straits.

Part business book, part memoir, 8 is packed with personal stories and insights from my experience walking on earth thus far.

One hundred percent of profits from 8 will go to a new initiative, Collabr8, which will support nonprofit and for-profit ventures on a very simple yet extremely important mission: to support people along their journeys of becoming the very best versions of themselves.