The Government Leader’s Field Guide to Organizational Agility How to Navigate Complex and Turbulent Times

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This book is the first to fully adapt the principles of agility for government leaders who want to make their organizations more effective and nimbler while better serving their public mission.

This practical resource will equip government leaders with evidence-based, hands-on guidance for transforming their organizations, enabling them to better serve the public and their customers. While many books on organizational agility are available for leaders in for-profit companies, this is the first one tailored to the unique limitations and requirements government leaders face.

Public servants are increasingly asked to do more with less and must also find a way to accomplish their mission while balancing constant change. New laws are passed that impact their agencies, new technologies are introduced, and unexpected events occur. Government leaders at all levels are often in a position for only two to four years, rotating within and across agencies as they gain experience. They have a relatively short amount of time to learn a new role, make changes, and then begin seeking out their next opportunity. This guide will help leaders weather the storm of that constant change so they can help their agencies realize their missions to provide services and be better stewards of taxpayer or donor dollars.