Under Six Eyes A Dialogue on God in the World

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A mind drawn to and trained in mathematics and science meets a mind drawn to and trained in religion. Both are fascinated by the other’s worldview and see the chance for a reciprocal expansion. A long conversation takes place with relentless questions exchanged—not to win an argument, but rather to find the truth. In this exploratory dialogue, scores of great images and ideas are brought to bear from both the scientific and religious worldviews, adding depth and color to a conversation that is as organic as it is profound. New ideas and new convictions arise, and where there cannot be resolution, there is at least clarity. This is a living dialogue between Rev. James A. Pike and Prof. Robert J. Valenza on the presence of God in a world that for the last century has seemed to need Him less and less. Or is it more and more? Readers who care about the world are invited to listen, to learn, and then to ask their own questions.