Smart, Not Spoiled: The 7 Money Skills Kids Must Master Before Leaving The Nest

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Two-thirds of American parents today think their children are spoiled. From toys and laptops to smartphones and cars, our kids have grown increasingly entitled in what they believe we should do for them.

Kids may not appreciate the value of a dollar, but it’s hard to blame them. After all, what have they learned about money? Managing finances is rarely covered in schools, and as a parent, you probably don’t know where to start. How do you provide a strong foundation of financial knowledge for your kids with these gaps? What should they learn each year? How do you teach a skill set you never received yourself?

In Smart, Not Spoiled, financial expert and bestselling author Chad Willardson provides you with practical tools, tips, and stories that will help you teach the kids in your life how to think about money. Chad explores the seven skills your kids should know—and master—before they’re adults and helps you improve the financial literacy of everyone in your household. When it comes to financial success, you want your kids informed and prepared. This book is your chance to learn together so that the new path you forge for future generations is the right one.