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Stand up comedy artist Ian Boldsworth hits FUBAR Radio with a new 2 hour weekly show on Mondays 2pm-4pm.With a string of exclusive, uncensored guest appearances, Ian takes live talk radio to a whole new level. Previous guests have included Stephen K Amos, Francis Rossi, Phill Jupitus, Romesh Ranganathan, Helen Lederer, Nick Helm and Stefan Dennis, expect the unexpected as Ian makes radio that's worth talking about.


  • Episode 29 - Annie Siddons, Nicki Hobday and Sandra Shevey

    10/01/2017 Duración: 01h37min

    New year, new Ian! Or perhaps not.... he took it a bit too literally when Producer Nat told him everyone's allowed freedom of speech, so Ian now wants to give paedophiles exposure by playing their music every week. Did Nat have sex over Xmas? Legendary journalist Sandra Shevey popped in and discussed the A-List legends she has interviewed. Ian also took a caller who answered today's topic for discussion, stolen from another radio show's production team he overheard on the train - why does Facebook always suggest your friends Mum?

  • Episode 28 - Best Of featuring Tony Prince, Craig Shilowich, Barry Dodds and Tom Meeten


    The amazing Tony Prince joined Ian to talk about his book The Royal Ruler and The Railway DJ. Craig Shilowich was on the line talking to Ian about his latest film Christine, starring Rebecca Hall. Next up was Barry Dodds who came on to clear up about what happened between him and his cat…And lastly, Tom Meeten stopped by talk about his film The Ghoul.

  • Episode 27 - Tim Bell and Mark J Hiblen


    Happy Boxing Day! Ian was joined by Tim Bell, the creator and star of the show ‘Dame Nature: The Magnificent Bearded Lady’, and illustrator Mark J Hiblen. It was Adam’s last day so there was a very special last ever ‘Bump N Grindr’. After hearing this you’ll never look at a Mr Whippy the same way again!

  • Episode 26 - Miles Hunt and Thaila Skye


    The lovely Thaila Skye joined Ian in the studio to discuss her life with a stoma. The Wonder Stuff frontman Miles Hunt chatted about their 30th anniversary. Barry Dodds talked about his cat.

  • Episode 25 - Ralph Echemendia and Lynne Cockrum-Murphy


    Barry Dodds joined Ian on the line to discuss the frighting Cornish Christmas tree. Ralpha Echemendia chatted about working on the movie Snowden with director Oliver Stone and cyber security in the entertainment industry. Writer Lynne Cockrum-Murphy talked about her book Unfolding the Mystery of Self. This episode also featured One Direction.

  • Episode 24 - Charming Dick and Tony Prince


    The cast of Charming Dick LGBTQ panto, Tim McArthur and Matthew Jones, stopped by the studio to chat about their Christmas production. The amazing Tony Prince also joined Ian to discuss his book The Royal Ruler and The Railway DJ.

  • Episode 23 - Simon Munnary and Linda Nolan


    Simon Munnery joined Ian in the studio to chat about the upcoming A Benefit for Child Refugees gig. Linda Nolan chatted about the upcoming Our House Tour. Producer Adam is “no long on this earth” but Ian was there to hear him out.

  • Episode 22 - Kit Redstone and Eddie Lin


    Ian and Barry Dodds discussed where hardness comes from. Kit Redstone promoted his semi-autobiographical project Testosterone. Eddie Lin discussed the upcoming docu-feature American Aftermath about consuming placenta.

  • Episode 21 - Tom Meeten and Dracula's Danny Wainwright & Alyssa Noble


    Danny Wainwright and Alyssa Noble stopped by the studio to chat to Ian about their production Dracula. Tom Meeten joined Ian in the studio to discuss his film The Ghoul, karate balls and other equally interesting things. Ian and Producer Adam also talked about their recent Comic Con adventure.

  • Episode 20 - Hacker T Dog, Fred and Randy Feltface


    Hacker T Dog and Fred (aka Hacker’s minder in London) stopped by the studio to chat with Ian about the Eurovision, their friendship and much more. Randy Feltface from Soho Theatre joined Ian to talk about his upcoming show, fans and fisting. This episode also included Barry Dodds.

  • Episode 19 - A Street Cat Named Bob, Robert Muchamore and The London Vampire


    Have you seen that cat film poster on the tube? A Street Cat Named Bob producer Adam Rolston stopped by the studio to chat to Ian about the movie, upcoming red carpet premiere and Bob. Author Robert Muchamore talked with Ian about his latest book Gone Wild, his writing process and cars. The London Vampire, with a twist, also appeared on the Halloween Special. This episode also included a mental breakdown!

  • Episode 18 - James Yeatman, John McAvoy, Silent Mark and surprise guests!


    Ian chatted to the artistic director of Kandinsky, James Yeatman, about their latest production Still Ill. John McAvoy talked about his book Redemption: From Iron Bars to Ironman. Silent Mark chatted to Ian about his debut e-comic ‘Deth Metal’. Plus, lots of surprise guests on the show, but who were they?

  • Episode 17 - Mathew Priest and Craig Shilowich


    Ian was joined by the drummer from Dodgy Mathew Priest, they chatted about moisturisers, Birmingham canals and cover songs. Producer and screenwriter of Christine, a film about the news reporter Christine Chubbuck who committed suicide on live television, Craig Shilowich discussed his latest project. This episode also included late trains, Fannie Mae, Meat Loaf and much more!

  • Episode 16 - Ronnie Le Drew and Eleanor Tiernan


    Ian was joined in the studio by Zippy puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew, he chatted about the TV series Rainbow. Comedian Eleanor Tiernan also stopped by the studio to talk about her latest projects. This episode also included Donald Trump.

  • Episode 15 - Tomorrow I Was a Lion and Bourgeois & Maurice


    Ian chatted to the cast of Tomorrow I Was A Lion, first ever production from Belarus Free Theatre with a British cast. Duo act Bourgeois & Maurice stopped by the studio – they chat about their Soho Theatre show and performed live. Plus, this episode featured glory holes, arseholes, carbonara and much more!

  • Episode 14 - Gwen Taylor


    Gwen Taylor chatted to Ian about the national tour of Night Must Fall and Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Barry Dodds was back and sang Erasure’s A Little Respect live on air. Ian and Producer Nat chatted about Star Wars, Rome, The Addams Family and much more!

  • Episode 13 - Gary Raymond & Barry Dodds


    Ian talks to Gary Raymond about his book, daisy chains, The Human Centipede and more. Producers Natalie and Adam sing Queen’s Flash. Barry Dodds joins Ian on the line to chat about Mount Everest and his favourite band Erasure (with a little singing twist).

  • Episode 12 - Karen Wild and Jerry Barnett


    Ian is finally back in the studio LIVE. Karen Wild stops by the studio to chat about her book ‘Being a Dog’. Jerry Barnett, an author of Sex and Censorship: Porn Panic – also discusses his latest book release.

  • Episode 11 - Spot & Simon Christopher


    This week Ian Boldsworth chats to Mr Puppy UK 2015 ‘Spot’ about his original lifestyle. Simon Christopher chats about being a human pony. Barry Dodds helps Ian and Natalie conduct the interviews.

  • Episode 10 - East London Strippers Collective & Barry Dodds


    Ian Boldsworth chats to Barry Dodds about his Edinburgh shows and Star Wars. Stacey from East London Strippers Collective discusses their initiative.

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