Rescue Your Money: Your Personal Investment Recovery Plan

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In this updated edition of Rescue Your Money, New York Times bestselling author and investment guru Ric Edelman offers no-nonsense, practical advice for how to keep your investments safe in any economic climate.

Everyone knows that the ideal investment strategy is to buy low and sell high. But how do you know what stocks will pay off? And how do you know when it’s the right time to sell? No matter what you hear, there’s no such thing as a sure bet: following fads, listening to the media, and even taking the advice of an investment manager on a roll won’t guarantee a payout. To help you understand how to do it correctly, Edelman shows you the one major goal you should have as you seek investment success; the two major obstacles you’ll encounter; the one big question you’ll have to face; and two basic “truths” that confront—and confound—every investor.

If you’re scared or confused about how to handle your investments and fed up with “advice” from brokers, advisors, and media darlings that has cost you huge sums and placed your financial security at risk, the cure is in your hands. With a cheerful tone that will boost even the most panicked investor’s spirit, Edelman reveals the best investments you can make right now to Rescue Your Money.


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