A Thousand Shards Of Glass

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Once upon a time, Michael Katakis lived in a place of big dreams, bright colours and sleight of hand. That place was America.

One night, travelling where those who live within illusions should never go, he stared into the darkness and glimpsed a faded flag where shadows gathered, revealing another America. It was a broken place, bred from fear and distrust - a thousand shards of glass - filled with a people who long ago had given away all that was precious; a people who had been sold, for so long, a foreign betrayal that finally came from within, and for nothing more than a handful of silver.

These essays, letters and journal entries were written as a farewell to the country Michael loves still, and to the wife he knew as his 'True North'. A powerful and personal polemic, A Thousand Shards of Glassis Michael's appeal to his fellow citizens to change their course; a cautionary tale to those around the world who idealise an America that never was; and, crucially, a glimpse beyond the myth, to a country whose best days could still lie ahead.


  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 01 Open

    Duración: 13s
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 02 Dedication

    Duración: 01min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 03 Introduction

    Duración: 11min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 04 1 Dying the American Way

    Duración: 24min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 05 2 Thanks for the Dance, Mr. Vidal

    Duración: 24min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 06 3 The Believers

    Duración: 12min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 07 4 Dear Lord Clint, Who Art in Carmel

    Duración: 08min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 08 5 Remaining Seated, The Smithsonian Letter

    Duración: 07min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 09 Other Voices

    Duración: 04min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 10 6 Bringing Back the Draft, A Moral Imperative

    Duración: 21min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 11 7 Christopher Hitchens and the Heroes that Never Were

    Duración: 06min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 12 8 The Ghost of T.E. Lawrence

    Duración: 03min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 13 9 Dear President Bush, Say it Ain't So

    Duración: 12min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 14 Other Voices

    Duración: 02min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 15 10 Just Another Dark American Day

    Duración: 18min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 16 11 An Absence of Poetry

    Duración: 10min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 17 12 The Last Night Train, What is a Country For

    Duración: 05min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 18 13 My Final Opening Farewell

    Duración: 16min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 19 The Dark Fountain of Wishes' Ends

    Duración: 01min
  • AThousandShardsOfGlass 20 Acknowledgments

    Duración: 07min
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