When The Mind Is Completely Quiet, How Can There Be Time?: Gstaad 1965 - Small Group Discussion 6

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"When the mind is completely quiet, how can there be time? - 29 August 1965
• What does time mean to you, as a human being?
• Is there such thing as existence?
• Quietness has come because I have understood the nature of time, function,
thought and pleasure.
• What takes place when there is great intensity?
• Thought has a movement in function. Here there is no movement which
thought can recognise, because thought is not coming into this at all.
• When time comes to an end, is there distance and space?
• If you look at the mountain without the layer of thought as function, as the
experiencer, what is space?
• When there is no experiencer, no thinker, in that stillness is there time?
• Time exists only when there is an observer."


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