Win at Life: Living the Life You Want Life Changing Behaviours to Help You Achieve What You Want

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By Dr Denis McBrinn

The aim of this Win at Life program is to empower you to take practical steps along the road to living the life you want, starting today.

All of us are capable of making positive changes in our lives, but often fear, our own limiting beliefs about ourselves, and what others might say hold us back from living the lives we truly want and deserve.

A basic human need is to grow and achieve at some level in our lives. But why is it some people appear to attain higher levels of achievement than others? Are they born that way? Is it just luck, or are there some underlying principles behind success that anyone can apply to become more effective and fulfilled in any area of life?

Track List

  1. Introduction
  2. Empowering Personal Change
  3. Formula for Success
  4. Great Physical Health
  5. Sound Mental Wellbeing
  6. Your Inner Life
  7. Managing your Finances
  8. Success at Work
  9. Relationships
  10. Personal Growth
  11. Rest and Relaxation
  12. Making it Happen!