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A knife edge thriller based within the gay community of the ancient city of Bath in the rolling hills of Somerset in the southwest of England.
Bradley (Braydie) Neilson, a thirty-five-year-old gay man, works for a charity in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, on the river Avon. He belongs to a group of seven known as the ‘CC circle’ headed by seventy-five-year-old Clarence Collier, a Bathonian, who is a rather eccentric but loveable old man who entertains in a rather lavish house full of antiques.

Unfortunately on the fifth of November he is found dead - murdered - in the garden of his home, dressed as Guy Fawkes.

Five more deaths follow all in bizarre and gruesome details and “Braydie” and his new boyfriend, Joe, a British actor and USA TV advert star, try with the help of Inspector Jameson to find the killer before he finds him.

Set in the present day, Bloodbath, although down to earth with explicit detail, is a tale that is funny at times and serious with the present unsettling climate of today. It’s a “scream a minute” in more ways than one!

This is not a conventional murder mystery or a whodunnit, but a series of events that arise from the vendetta of a family member in one country against a group of innocent people in another.

The author has crafted a tale of love, murder and intrigue in a city that is steeped in history, beauty and dark shadows!


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