The Thorny Road of Honour

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Hans Christian Andersen became famous after publishing his fantastic novel in 1829. In the following years he established 3 compilations of tales. Many children and adults passed through the world of his books. Even after many years these full of kind and love fairy tales are still remembered. Each fairy tale contents some pieces of the author's soul. Hans Christian Andersen's books are permanent companions for many people in the whole world. “The Horny Road of Honor” is a very cognitive fairy-tale which tells us about different famous people and their achievements, describing how unfair life can be. “The Horny Road” means that sometimes you have to pay a lot to be honored and famed and even then there is always a chance that you will be a madman in everybody’s opinion when you have produced the greatest idea in the world. Interested? Read “The Horny Road of Honor” to know more.