The Passing Of King Arthur

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King Arthur is a very famous myth character. Being strong and strategic he had a great success in conquer. He loved his own country so well, that to gain glory at home made him happiest of all. But once a false knight with his followers was laying waste the country across the sea, and Arthur had gone to wage war against him.

"And you, Sir Modred, will rule the country while I am gone," the King had said. Being a coward, Sir Modred smiled as he thought of the power that would be his. And while the King was gone he made laws easier and caused letters to be written from beyond the sea, and the letters would tell that the great King Arthur had been slain in battle which was a lie.

But a lot of people believed in it and they decided that they needed the new King. And Sir Modred was a good candidate for the role. So he was chosen as a new ruler.

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