Stories To Scare You Witless

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Genuinely chilling narratives of paranormal phenomena, the returning dead, uncanny apparitions, sinister happenings and inexplicable events which make your blood run cold. Listen in the dark... if you dare! "What Was It?" - Fitz-James O'Brien "Laura" - Hector Hugh Munro "A Terribly Strange Bed" - Wilkie Collins "The Three Drugs" - Edith Nesbit "The Philosopher's Joke" - Jerome K. Jerome "Sredni Vashtar" - Hector Hugh Munro "The Middle Toe Of The Right Foot" - Ambrose Bierce "The Open Window" - Hector Hugh Munro "Number Thirteen" - M.R. James "An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge" - Ambrose Bierce


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