Listening to the Light of Our Soul

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Mark Nepo suggests that life is an incredible tapestry that is never finished. It is weaving us, and we are the threads. We are taught to navigate the outer world by problem solving, but for the things that matter, the heart releases its own logic. He says that life constantly asks us “to let everything in and not choose or make logical sense of it, but to let it reverberate until it becomes that teacher, the Upaguru, the teacher that is next to you at this moment.” He has learned that life is a series of falling asleep and waking up, falling down and getting up, feeling safe and then afraid, being sensitive and then numb. It’s a journey. He reminds us that we are taught early in our lives to hold tightly to our dreams, goals, and ambitions. But, he says, “They are, in fact, not endpoints, but kindling for the fire of our aliveness. We are a mix of being and becoming.” He also reminds us it’s not by accident that kindness and kinship share the same root, saying, “One of the rewards for kindness is not just that you will think well of me or that we will develop a better relationship. The act of kindness allows us to experience oneness. The act of kindness allows us to experience the connection with all things . . . Kindness leads to kinship. We understandably come in and out of being aware because pain, worry, fear, betrayal, all the difficulties of life, short-circuit our full attention. This is why it’s important that every person develop their own practice of return.” Prepare to be deepened by Mark Nepo’s ability to be authentic as he illuminates the wisdom that is available in our own hearts. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)