Learning About Fact and Opinion

Even the youngest readers need to learn the difference between fact and opinion. Straightforward text and clear photographs give readers the tools they need to evaluate and...

Baby Animals in Dens

Look close! Two baby bears are sleeping in a hollow log. Dens keep baby animals hidden and safe. Through delightfully simple text and bright, close-up photos, beginning readers...


Did you know there are 88 constellations in the night sky? Which one looks like a hunter? Find out more in Constellations.

The Moon

Discover the most important facts about the Moon. Simple text and out-of-this-world photographs unlock an early reader’s love of science and learning.

What's in a Tree?

Take a peek inside this easy-to-read book to discover the plants and animals living in a tree. Excellent photos and a simple design beautifully support early readers.

Stunning Spiders

Not all spiders are scary! Readers will learn about 12 different species of spiders, each with unusual and unexpected colors and patterns. Information about life cycles, habitats,...

The Lowest Places on Earth

Visit a place so low that it’s like being in a basement 27 stories below sea level. Take a trip to a dry, salty lake. By opening this book you will journey to places on earth...

Moray Eels and Cleaner Shrimp Work Together

Take an up-close look at the fascinating lives of moray eels and cleaner shrimp. Learn how this animal team works together to survive.

People in Fall

In fall, people play and get ready for winter. See how they celebrate this fun season.

The Driest Places on Earth

Visit a city in Chile that went without rain for 14 years. Travel to places where less than an inch of rain falls every year. By opening this book you will journey to places on...

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