The Birthday Dinner

The girls had a great idea! A surpise birthday chicken dinner for their aunt. The surprise was on them.

Grandpa Willie

A young boy turns a grouchy old grandpa's life around.

It Happened One Christmas

A pastor's wife finds there really is more to Christmas.

Gladys the Thanksgiving Turkey

Two brothers win a Thanksgiving turkey. Now that they know her, how do they save her from the oven?

Poor Poco

Recipe for chaos, confusion and all around disorder: Two boys, a pet monkey and a hotel that bans pets.

Jose the Bullfighter

Jose' was proud to be called the youngest bullfighter in all Mexico until..

The Gift

Sir Edwards birthday and the only present the two boys had blew up.

Tim's Luck

Tim thought nothing would ever go right for him until…

No Difference in God's Family

Two brothers learn a very hard lesson when their parents adopt a boy from another country.

My Brother's Keeper

Castles, Knights and a very unhappy Lady until she found how important are the words "My Brother' s keeper."

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