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The Youth Critic Podcast Episode 301: The 2023 Atlanta Film Coverage Part 2 (W/ Missing Frames Podcast)



This week on the podcast, I did a 2-Part collaboration Podcast with Shawn Eastridge and Tyler Scruggs at Missing Frames Podcast (Via The Nerd Party) and you can listen to part one right HERE where I review Polite Society and Night of the Cooters. For this Episode, we talk about some more movies and shorts we watched at the festival this year. I also have an Interview with Sheridan O'Donnell from the movie Little Brother in this coverage and a soundbite of my short red carpet interview with George R.R. Martin and Vincent D'Onofrio for their Pilot Night of the Cooters. Please check this episode to hear about some of the highlights of the 2023 Atlanta Film Festival. Again Part one of the Podcast is right HERE at The Missing Frames Podcast. Here's a link Shawn's Missing Frames Podcast: Twitter Handles: @Moviekale @theyouthcritic @kHznetwork @atlantafilmfest  @AtlFilmSociety @AlliedAtlanta@YayShawnedorman @tylerscruggs Tyler's