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The Youth Critic Podcast Episode 302: Fast X (Presented By The Road to the fast Saga)



This week on the podcast, PODCASTS COLLIDE!!! The Road to the Fast Saga hosted by Marley and I and the Youth Critic Podcast finally Merge together as the Past is now Present and we finally Catch Up to the newest release of the Fast Saga with Fast X. But Marley and I are not alone. We're joined by Kyle Arking, Josh Martin, and Ryan B for this Season finale of The Road to the Fast Saga and this episode of The Youth Critic Podcast. Please enjoy... Twitter Handles: @Moviekale @theyouthcritic @kHznetwork @JMartin3729 @Convowith2geeks @TheChewDefense @Marleylovesfilm @Reelloverspod @ArkingKyle Josh's Podcast (A Conversation With 2 Geeks): Josh's Patreon: Marley's Podcast: Marley's Linktree: Kyle's Youtube Channel: