Steve Chandler

Time for more DOING by Steve Chandler



    Children are always worth observing because children love and enjoy the planet they are on. Children invent themselves continuously. We can hear their spirit in the air. We have only to open the window a little bit to hear the shouts of joy at the schoolyard down the road. "Hey! You are not the boss of me!"    In a grown-up place of business, the shouts of joy are nowhere to be heard. Where did they go? What happened? For some of us, the spirit has gone into hiding completely, waiting only for a dramatic outside adventure (such as a world war or a huge tornado) to fire it up once again. But we don't have to wait for such a crisis.     We can feel the spirit again if we are willing to breathe life into it. It is an eternal internal flame. We can make it burn brighter if we are willing to know how. It's all a matter of how we see ourselves and others. We can give the spirit the oxygen it feeds on by finding the words to think, the words to