Steve Chandler

Win Your Own Lottery - Way #8 to Create Wealth - From the book: 100 Ways to Create Wealth by Steve Chandler & Sam Beckford



Win Your Own Lottery is from 100 Ways to Create Wealth by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford.Download Audio ProgramValue is created by the things we do. People were created to create. Many people say, “Oh, I couldn’t run a business or do something like that, I’m bad when it comes to money.” Yet that same person will go into a garden and plant things, grow things, and make something out of nothing.Or he will create an agreement between previously disputing family members. Or create warmth and assurance for a frightened child. At our best, we are always creating.People who think they can’t create great wealth in their lives will then show you a room they’ve repainted, or they’ll go out back and show you a birdhouse they’ve made.If you were created in the image of your Creator, then you were meant to create. It’s as simple as that. All the instincts are already in you. You have it in you to become a small business millionaire or whatever you want to become financially. It’s in you. It isn’t outside of you somewhere