Israel Show

Featuring: Meir Weingarten discusses the latest news and controversies concerning the Jordan River Valley and Judea & Samaria, Sivan Rahav Meir's sharing and then not sharing inspiring Israeli stories and much more



On this edition of The Israel Show: PM Netanyahu promises to apply Israeli law to the Jordan River Valley and parts of Judea & Samaria within the next month. Why is he getting strong opposition from - of all places - Israel's right wing? Sivan Rahav Meir has been sharing inspiring stories of Israelis returning home after years of living in America. Many personal accounts come to her mailbox every week, so why did she stop sharing them? What sci-fi sounding invention was envisioned by a Torah giant of the early 20th century. New music with an interesting back story by Ivri (as in Ivri anochi) Lider (as in leader) and the "not to be missed" weekly Israeli music mix.