New Show April 10th 1pm pacific / 4pm eastern! Kambo Talk Radio with Ginny and ToddIAKP Kambo Practitioner, Ginny Rutherford, and Professional Psychic, Todd Rohlsson, have come together for a lively discussion of alternative healing medicines from the Amazon, particularly the healing medicine from the Giant Monkey Tree Frog, Kambo. Their goal is to educate, inspire and to share with humanity their personal experiences and discuss the benefits of Kambo medicina with intuitive insight and tribal knowledge that spans thousands of years.Each week they will have guests from all over the world who are leaders in this emerging medicine, they will interview those who have taken this medicine and their particular results and take calls from listeners who have questions as to their own energy systems and how kambo can be of benefit.This is an educational and informational program designed to discuss Kambo medicine with real life discussions and practical knowledge, its uses, the science behind it, its origins from the Amazonian tribes, and direct intuitive knowledge from other levels of consciousness. While discussing the new frequencies, spiritually and how kambo realigns to the true self, Ginny and Todd will bring their knowledge, experience and a lot of humor to the discussion.About ToddTodd Rohlsson is a full time professional psychic who lives in the Seattle, Washington area. He has an office in Lynnwood, Wash. and does Skype readings all over the world too. For over 25 years he has expanded his abilities on inner and outer realms of consciousness. He now works fully from a hard wired and aligned Higher Self system. This is a fantastic system for a psychic. Being the center point of direct KNOWING enables him to bypass the old medium and general vibration systems that most psychics work from. The Higher Self system also enhances multi dimensional information to flow through with ease. Todd also works with your Akashic records to clear mis-aligned contracts and old paradigm systems on very high levels. This can Change, diminish, and dissolve huge issues in one's life, freeing energy from cellular body systems. Cool stuff!Todd also created vibrational energy discs over seven years ago. He calls this work Living Light Alchemy Designs. These energy discs transcend space and time by funneling (through the specific pattern of each design) energy from higher Unified realms into our time. You can see them at his website - There a four categories of discs - Earth Magic (Physical Manifestation), Light Magic (Higher Self empowerment), Healing designs (Clearing and maintenance), and Angelic Shield discs (Psychic and physical protection). Enjoy!