Israel Show

Featuring: Meir Weingarten unpacks the new US policy to recognize Israel as the "country of birth" for those born in Jerusalem, he shares another great Meir Millim segment and presents his "not to be missed" Israeli music mix



On this edition of The Israel Show: For decades US citizens born in Jerusalem could not have their "country of birth" listed as Israel, because the State Department refused to acknowledge that Jerusalem is in Israel. In 2015 the Supreme court ruled in favor of the State Department in the case of Zivotofsky vs Kerry. All that changed last week. TIS will share audio from the ceremony at the US embassy in Jerusalem in which Ari Zivotofsky received the first ever US passport listing Israel as the "country of birth" for a US citizen born in Jerusalem. Back In June of 2015 TIS interviewed Dr. Ari Zivotofsky about the supreme court ruling. tis will replay pertinent parts of that interview. and another Meir Millim segment plus the "not to be missed" weekly Israeli music mix.