Israel Show

Featuring: Meir Weingarten discusses the transformation of Aviv Gefen that lead to a collaboration with Avraham Fried, he discusses the latest Israeli election news and presents his not to be missed Israeli music mix



On this edition of The Israel Show: In Aug 2018 TIS highlighted Aviv Gefen's televised verbal attack on a religious Zionist settler. On TIS of May 25, 2020, Meir brought to light the early transformation of Aviv Gefen, as the result of his covid experiences. The process continues as Aviv Gefen reaches out to Avraham Fried, collaborating on Gefen's new song "batzoret" = Drought, released yesterday. Elections in Israel? Not so fast? Gidon Saar's new party's poll popularity gives P.M. Netanyahu pause (or maybe cold feet). and the "not to be missed" weekly Israeli music mix.