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My Interview with Rachel Hollis on her #1 Best Seller "Girl Wash Your Face"!



Scary $h*t I found out about premature aging! Experimenting with new devices to protect us from Tech that's making us old and weak. [See full demo in the livestream on Twitter]. Hear from Rachel Hollis who turned her job as a Party Planner into a series of hugely successful books. ON THE MOM SHOW TODAY details..Rachel Hollis, Founder of award winning brings her newest book “Girl Wash Your Face”. Secrets to how mom’s can keep looking and feeling fabulous even after the kids.Later Caren Knott, Executive Director with Gia Wellness, and Kathleen Kenneally show LIVE demonstrations of new tech in the wellness field for moms and our kids. With some shocking information on EMF’s they give us tips on how to protect ourselves from the negative consequences of modern living.And to top off the show Kathy Copcutt calls in to give us her sneak peek at the hit new film Peter Rabbit 2 and 15:17 To Paris.