Israel Show

Featuring: Meir Weingarten discusses the latest controversy concerning who Israel is responsible to vaccinate, he presents new music by Yishai Ribo (and more) and a Meir Meillim for Purim and Parshat Tetzaveh



On this edition of The Israel Show: - Is Israel responsible to vaccinate the Palestinian Arabs living under the occupation of Machmud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority? How about those living in Gaza under the brutal occupation of Chamas? The NYT, Bernie Sanders and "Saturday Night Live" all seem to think it is a simple question for which they have the answer (take a guess). - Yishai Ribo with a new song celebrating the hope of a post corona Israel, returning to normal life. TIS shares some insight into the poetic words and shares the beautiful music. - In the spirit of Purim and Parshat Tetzaveh, Meir Millim looks into tachposet, beged and me'il and the "not to be missed" weekly Israeli music mix.