Perspective With Ted Winn

“The Politics of Race In America”



In this episode of Perspective, Ted has a conversation with political commentator, author, lawyer, educator and TV personality Keith Boykin. During this exchange, they discuss Keith's most recent book, "The Politics of a Darkening America, Race Against Time", voting rights, the current political climate and how many White Americans are responding to the idea of losing power.    Keith speaks about the inspiration and purpose of his book. He addresses the ways in which many are misrepresenting Critical Race Theory in an effort to avoid conversations about the racist history of America. Boykin and Winn also address the dynamics between Senator Joe Manchin, Senator Kyrsten Sinema and President Joe Biden and how that has impacted the President's agenda.   Ted & Keith's conversation is spirited and engaging. The debate around race, politics and power is permeating America and this will give you a snapshot into how that's impacting different segments of the population.   Keith is on Twitter (@keithboykin)   Kei