Perspective With Ted Winn

Thoughts of a Colored Man



In this episode of Perspective, host Ted Winn talks with Conscious Lee about issues of race, misogyny and toxic masculinity. Conscious Lee is an educator at The University of Oklahoma, co-host of the Chop Up Shop podcast, a public speaker and a social media influencer who constantly challenges people to think more critically about a range of issues. With a social media following that includes 75K followers on Twitter, over 220K followers on Instagram and upwards of 1.7 million on TikTok, his sphere of influence is clear.   During this conversation Ted & Conscious Lee discuss racism within political parties, misogyny, toxic masculinity and the context of queerphobic language. The two delve deep into the ways in which men are socialized and conditioned, how men are expected to perform as a result of that conditioning and what we can do to deconstruct ideas that aren't helpful to men developing in a way that sees all other gender expressions as equal. Conscious Lee also addresses how he is raising his daugh