Perspective With Ted Winn

Dr. Rodney Coates & The Truth About Critical Race Theory



This episode of Perspective with Ted Winn seeks to dispel the misinformation about Critical Race Theory. Ted speaks with Dr. Rodney Coates who is a Professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies in the Global and Intercultural Studies Department at Miami University of Ohio. Dr. Coates is also a public sociologist and co-author of "The Matrix of Race: Social Construction, Intersectionality, and Inequality".     Dr. Coates clearly defines what Critical Race Theory is and where it's being taught. He and Ted discuss why conservative strategist Christopher Rufo intentionally misdefined Critical Race Theory and weaponized that misinformation for political gain. Winn and Coates discuss bias and also unpack institutional racism and how that impacts marginalized people. This conversation will leave the listener properly informed and equipped to have substantive conversation about Critical Race Theory.   Follow Dr. Rodney Coates on Twittrer @RodneyCoates3 Follow Dr. Rodney Coates on Instagram @rodneyc1966 Follow Dr.