Perspective With Ted Winn

”A Black Experience In A White Evangelical World ”with Guest Dante Stewart



In this episode of Perspective, Ted has a conversation with author, educator, preacher, Dante Stewart about his journey through predominantly White faith spaces. In "Shoutin' In The Fire: An American Epistle, Stewart chronicles his experience as a Black preacher serving at a White Evangelical Church in the age of Trump. Dante discusses the microagression and overt racism to which he was subjected. Winn and Stewart also discuss race in religion and how that shapes much of societies perceived norms and expectations.    The exchange between Ted and Dante highlights the importance of Black authors and Black literature in faith based spaces. They delve into the differences between Black Liberation Theology and faith teachings that center whiteness. From Bell Hooks to James Cone, they will lead the listener through a litany of authors and books that are incredibly power and important to the lived experiences of Black folks. This dialogue is enlightening, engaging and encouraging.      Follow Dante Stewart on Twitte