Perspective With Ted Winn

Perspective Podcast CNN political analyst, USA Today Columnist With Kirsten Powers



In this episode of Perspective, Ted speaks with CNN political analyst, USA Today Columnist and author Kirsten Powers about her most recent book, "Saving Grace: Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered, and Learn To Coexist With People Who Drive You Nuts".  They peel back the complex layers of the deep political divide in America, how that has impacted families and how people who are feeling marginalized should respond.   Winn learns who and what shaped Powers into the empathetic, anti-racist, critical thinkier she is today. The discussion is a heartfelt, eye opening exploration of how Americans can live in two very different countries and have very different lived experiences at the same time and in the same geographical location.   Kirsten defines race and details how grace can be given and received differently based on the context of each person's life. This conversation is informative, honest and one that many Americans should experience.    Follow Kirsten Powers on Twitter: @KirstenPowers   Follow Kirsten Powers