Diamond And The Star

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Describing the use of symbols in philosophy and religion, this book connects the Taoist symbol of the self—the diamond body—to the tetrahedron, as well as to the four valences of the carbon molecule, the basis of all life. Following these ideas further, the discussion details the close correspondence between the ancient wisdom of Lao Tsu and the symbolism of Jungian psychology—and also conjectures about the possibility of a more image-oriented view of science.Editorial ReviewsReview''In this gem of a book, [John Warden] offers us the enrichment of many creative ideas from his lifelong exploration of the scientific, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual realms.'' —Chungliang Al Huang, founder and president, Living Tao Foundation''It is through symbols such as these that our consciousness may be awakened to a . . . new awareness of the inner meaning of life and of reality itself . . . An understanding of symbols is the way to tolerance and understanding between different religious groups.'' —Faith & Freedom''An holistic vision of the unity of the natural and human sciences in all their facets guided by the author's own sense of an emerging marriage of east and west.'' —The Watkins Review'