Oh God! Mrs. Easton

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Every young man dreams of finding an older woman to teach him about sex. Mrs. Easton was a young man's dream come true.


I sat silently, reasoning that nothing I had to offer would be of interest to her. After she emptied her glass and returned from the kitchen, she sat next to me again and took a sip.

“Do you know why you’re here?”

“I hope I know, but you can still tell me.”

“I love young men. They have no agendas other than getting laid, and they won’t break my heart. They have the most amazing cocks that get hard again in a few minutes, and I can train them to do whatever I want. Quite frankly darling, I’ve popped more young men’s cherries than probably any other woman in the county.” She looked at me after taking another drink. “Does that offend you?”

“No.” I had no idea even what to think.

“Some of the self-righteous bitches around here have nasty names for me but that still doesn’t stop their sons from coming to see me.” She paused to take another sip of her drink. “Are you a virgin?”

“Er...I’m not sure. Does what you did last night count?”

“Not at all. You have to bury yourself inside and leave it there until it shoots. That counts.”

“Then no.”

“It’s about time that we took care of that, do you agree?” She finished her drink and put the glass on the end table. “Take your clothes off. Do it slowly and stop when I tell you.”