Design is universal. We all live and work in the built world, and every object, system and environment in the built world has been designed. Clever is a podcast about design. Well, actually, it's about designers, too. Sure, they're visionaries, problem-solvers, critical thinkers, rebels and aesthetes, but above all, they're human. Designer Amy Devers and Design Milk's Jaime Derringer are having candid and revealing conversations with these super-smart people because, well, relating to the humans responsible for the objects and environments that shape our lives can result in a more meaningful connection to the built world. Hot damn!


  • Ep. 170 Deem Journal’s Nu Goteh on Facilitating All Things Awesome

    03/05/2022 Duración: 01h30min

    Co-Founder of Deem Journal, designer Nu Goteh was born in Liberia and came to the US with his family as a refugee at the age of 3. His first career ambition, as a model son of African parents, was to become a doctor / lawyer. But as a sneakerhead, skater, and early-adopter of the internet, he kept making opportunities for himself in marketing, promoting, and graphic design. He even landed a job at Puma while he was only a Sophomore in college. After successful roles at Red Bull and Sonos, he was comfortable in his talent for adding value and  creating desirability for brands, but uncomfortable with being fast-tracked to the top of “cool black guy stuff,” a pigeon-hole that felt too small for his aspirations and skills. So he went back to school for a Master’s in Strategic Design and Management. Now, as a founding principal of Room For Magic, Nu is using his unique talents to address complex creative challenges and  facilitate equitable exchange between brands and communities. As if that weren’t enou

  • Ep. 169: Eames Institute’s Chief Curator Llisa Demetrios on the Power of Infinite Curiosity

    19/04/2022 Duración: 53min

    Chief Curator of the Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity, Llisa Demetrios grew up in a family of brilliant sculptors, authors, and designers. Her mother’s parents were none other than Charles and Ray Eames, the legendary mid-century design duo. In addition to pioneering design work, apparently they were excellent grandparents as well, imparting on Llisa a way of engaging with the world through curiosity and a lens for new possibilities. This approach to creative problem-solving has guided Llisa through a career as an archivist and bronze sculptor. Now, as the Chief Curator of the recently-launched Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity, Llisa is bringing the lessons of Charles and Ray to life for the next generation of curious problem solvers. Images, links and more from Llisa!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsors:Design Museum Week Design Museum Week is a hybrid design conference taking place this April 25th-29th, with virtual sessions during the day - so you can sign on from anywhere -  and

  • Ep. 168: Founder Rob Forbes on Business Confidence and Advocating for Design

    05/04/2022 Duración: 38min

    Ceramicist, author, entrepreneur, photographer and public speaker Rob Forbes is likely best known for founding Design Within Reach, but his accolades expand beyond this accomplishment. He grew up a son of Southern California academics and attended boarding schools in Northern California. His first professional life was as a ceramicist. After a year riddled with tragedy, he took a year off in pursuit of researching how to make design accessible - which lead to the founding of Design Within Reach. A wild (and unexpected) success, the next few years were a blur that instilled in Rob a confidence to continue to push the envelope and invest in change - including a variety of start ups, a micro-farm, and using the tools of design to create long-lasting impact. Images, links and more from Rob Forbes!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsors:Design Museum Week Design Museum Week is a hybrid design conference taking place this April 25th-29th, with virtual sessions during the day - so you can sign on from anywh

  • Ep. 167: Serial Entrepreneur Christiane Lemieux on Building an At-Home Empire

    22/03/2022 Duración: 49min

    Designer, entrepreneur and author, Christiane Lemieux was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada but refers to the world as her “second home” given how frequently she traveled with her family throughout her childhood. While she studied art history and fashion design academically, her business training came through first-person experience. She founded her first brand, DwellStudio, in 1999 and sold it to Wayfair in 2013. She has built several other successful brands, including Lemieux et Cie, The Inside, and Cloth & Company. As a design historian and business expert she also contributes to design publications and has published books in both the design and business spaces including Undecorate and Frictionless. She brings all of her creativity, business acumen, and worldly travels together in the service of creating beautiful, customizable interiors that feel like home.Images, links and more from Christiane!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsors:Gild InsuranceHave you ever wondered if you have the insurance you ne

  • Ep. 166: Rethinking Our Built Environment with Futurist Dror Benshetrit

    08/03/2022 Duración: 54min

    Designer, futurist, activist and artist Dror Benshetrit grew up in Tel Aviv, drawing, and building puppetry or sculptures. But it was Dror’s experience serving in the Israeli army that showed him all the different ways his creative thinking could be applied - compelling him to pursue design and attend the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Afterwards, he moved to New York - where his career exploded - from designing the Peacock Chair showcased in a Rihanna video to designing luxury houses for the Crown Sheik. Since then, he stepped back and began rethinking how we understand the future of the built environment, embarking on tying together research, design, architecture and urban planning through Supernature Labs. Dror’s life has been filled with brilliant visions and breathtaking designs, always grounded in sustainability and with an eye toward a better future. Images, links and more from Dror!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsor:Gild InsuranceHave you ever wondered if you have the insurance you need to be fu

  • Ep. 165: Talking Shop with Podcast Powerhouse Avery Trufelman

    22/02/2022 Duración: 01h11min

    Brooklyn-based podcaster Avery Trufelman has radio in her DNA. Her parents met while working at WNYC, so from birth she was nurtured with love and appreciation for radio. As a teenager, Avery took to expressing herself through wild, quirky thrifted fashion ensembles, much to the confusion of her peers. After cutting her audio teeth in college radio, Avery submitted a midnight application to intern at 99% Invisible and moved across the country to work in a closet with Roman Mars in beautiful downtown Oakland. When 99pi and the field of podcasting blew up, Avery was on the rocket ship. She’s since created an acclaimed 2-season series, Articles of Interest, around iconic items of clothing – which makes her teenage sartorial obsessions all add up – and worked on Nice Try! and The Cut. She’s a dynamic and thoughtful voice in the podcasting landscape, as always, making distinctive and bold style choices.Images, links and more from Avery!Please say Hi on social! Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - @CleverPodcast, @amy

  • Ep. 164: Crafting Eye Candy with ManvsMachine’s Mike Alderson

    08/02/2022 Duración: 01h20min

    Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of ManvsMachine, Mike Alderson, grew up on the outskirts of Liverpool, England, getting into mischief, playing sports, and spending the many rainy days inside drawing ferociously. More practical than academic, Mike started off in a mechanical engineering apprenticeship before learning it was absolutely not for him. Then, after a short stint as a pro BMX racer, his best friend’s brother turned him on to design and he was hooked. He made his way to London, decided it was time to be an adult, and threw himself whole-heartedly into his studies, graduating from Ravensbourne with a degree in Moving Image Design. In 2007, after a series of events that included a night at the pub with his recent ex-boss, Tim Swift, Mike and Tim founded ManvsMachine. Since then, he’s moved to LA, led projects for a world-class client list, and managed burnout, all while remaining a big thinker, a master tinkerer, and continuously punching above his weight.Images, links and more from Mike Alderson!

  • Ep. 163: Designer Jay Osgerby Shines a Light on Loss, Legacy, and Longevity

    25/01/2022 Duración: 01h26min

    Industrial designer and founding partner of Barber Osgerby, Jay Osgerby, grew up in a small town in England, with his close-knit multi-generational family and the backdrop of his grandparents’ experiences through WWII. His childhood was filled with making things - inspired by his Swiss ancestors’ stories of watch and camera making. His parents were incredibly resourceful, whether it was opening a shop together or repurposing curtains when the local cinema closed. This pioneering spirit is something that Jay has carried with him throughout his career - from his studies at RCA where he met long-time business partner and friend, Ed Barber, to designing the 2012 Olympic Torch, to revolutionizing how people work remotely with Soft Work seating. Now, 25+ years into design, Jay reveals the triumphs and tragedies that lined his path and forged his character with candor, humor, and an unflagging optimism that burns bright and steady like the inextinguishable flame of the Olympic Torch. Images, links and more from

  • Ep. 162: Building a Colorful Second Act with Illustrator Yuko Shimizu

    11/01/2022 Duración: 01h04min

    Illustrator Yuko Shimizu was born in Tokyo, Japan and began drawing from an early age. As a preteen, her family moved from Japan to the US, a huge culture shock that included learning an entirely new language and navigating social norms in 7th grade. This experience gave her an even deeper love for drawing - something that transcends any language barrier. After college, Yuko spent 11 years at a prestigious corporate PR firm in Japan before she decided to pursue her lifelong dream. At 34, she enrolled in art school in New York City. Since then, she’s received numerous accolades for her beautiful illustrations. A staunch supporter of going after what you want, Yuko certainly doesn’t regret any choices she’s made to draw a new path forward for herself.  Images, links and more from Yuko Shimizu!Please say Hi on social! Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - @CleverPodcast, @amydevers, @designmilkIf you enjoy Clever we could use your support! Please consider leaving a review, making a donation, becoming a spo

  • Ep. 153:Harnessing Creative Confidence with Majo Molfino

    28/12/2021 Duración: 53min

    A writer, speaker, and women’s creative leadership coach, Majo Molfino is a champion for smashing the patriarchy (both within and outside each of us!) and supporting women in harnessing their creative confidence and power. A precocious child, she was born in Argentina and moved with her family across the US and Canada, eventually landing in San Francisco. As an immigrant, she grew up trying to uphold the “Good Girl Myth” sacrificing her identity, her creativity, and her confidence to counteract the feeling of not belonging. After a windy path through a few stuffy 9 to 5s, she went on a few mind-blowing voyages and began to reconnect with herself. Now, Majo is the host of the HEROINE podcast, author of “Break the Good Girl Myth,” and is a role model and a leader in designing a life and career that is a perfect fit. Images, links and more from Majo!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsor:Gild InsuranceHave you ever wondered if you have the insurance you need to be fully protected as a business owner? Gi

  • Ep. 137 Biden/Harris Campaign Creative Director Robyn Kanner [Rebroadcast]

    21/12/2021 Duración: 01h02min

    Robyn Kanner’s personal story is twisty and beautifully American. Largely self-taught, she fought hard to find her voice, and has battled bullies, addiction and self-doubt on her path to purpose. She, alongside Carahna Magwood, led a design team that effectively imbued the Biden Harris ticket with an uplifting, hopefulness that stressed reliability, inclusive values and unification. From the hot pink Biden & Lady Gaga promos, to unifying red-blue gradients. Robyn’s is a story of acceptance, healing, hard work, creativity and community - and feels as bright and hopeful as a victory gradient.Images, links and more from Robyn Kanner!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsor:Gild InsuranceHave you ever wondered if you have the insurance you need to be fully protected as a business owner? Gild is a nationally licensed, digital, independent insurance agency for small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, microbusinesses and freelancers. Available online 24/7, Gild’s one-of-a-kind digital insurance process i

  • Ep. 148: Entrepreneurial Raconteur John Edelman [Rebroadcast]

    14/12/2021 Duración: 01h10min

    Former CEO of Design Within Reach and business consultant, John Edelman grew up on a horse farm in Connecticut. The youngest of 6, his childhood was filled with love, surrounded by his parents’ big dreams, in a home filled with visitors, from Andy Warhol to fashion executives. A hustler and daredevil from an early age, he excelled at flipping cars and riding dirt bikes but struggled in school. After college, John joined the family leather business, sorting buffalo skins in Thailand, worked for his brother at Esprit, and lived in Brazil to work in the shoe business. From 2010 - 2019 John served as CEO of Design Within Reach, during his tenure he pulled the company out of a downward spiral, transformed it into the world leader in authentic design, and led a highly publicized sale to Herman Miller. Now, Co-Founder of Fourth & Pride vodka, John’s life has been one great story after another - from adventure to romance, hardships to triumph, and a future that looks just as thrilling. Images, links and more

  • Ep.138: Creative Strategist Natalie Nixon [Rebroadcast]

    07/12/2021 Duración: 56min

    We'll be back with new episodes in 2022. To close out the year, we're rebroadcasting some of our favorite episodes of the year.Dr. Natalie Nixon grew up in Philadelphia playing double dutch and hopscotch on the street. Listening to jazz with her dad and exploring art with her mother taught her the value of improvisation and emotional resonance. Flexing her academic excellence while also being subjected to racial bigotry and red lining helped to hone her ability to see systems and span boundaries. Her experiences are vast and varied, from running a hat business in New York city to earning her PhD in Design Management in London. Today she's the president of Figure 8 Thinking, a Creative Strategy & Design Research consultancy that helps leaders apply creativity & foresight to achieve transformative business results, and the author of The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work.   Many thanks to this episode's sponsor:Gild InsuranceHave you ever wondered if

  • Ep. 161: Designing Ideas with Visionary Design Entrepreneur Yves Béhar

    30/11/2021 Duración: 45min

    Industrial designer & entrepreneur, Yves Béhar, grew up in Switzerland on a steady diet of punk and windsurfing. After graduating from ArtCenter in California he moved to the Bay Area and got his professional start designing for The Burdick Group, LUNAR and frog. He founded fuseproject, his industrial design and branding firm, in 1999 and since then has been responsible for groundbreaking contributions to the design landscape across the fields of product design, brand development, business strategy, environments, and social impact. A pioneer of the “design venture” business model, he has also had a hand in redefining the way designers do business, enabling early-stage creative investment in startup projects. His new book, Yves Béhar: Designing Ideas is a comprehensive retrospective of his 20+ year career. Images, links and more from Yves Béhar!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsors:InfratechInfratech outdoor comfort heating systems combine eco-friendly, ambient warmth with unparalleled design versati

  • Ep. 160: Peeking into the Creative World of Pop-Polymath Willo Perron

    16/11/2021 Duración: 59min

    Live experience & interior designer Willo Perron grew up in Montreal surrounded by creativity. An industrious kid, he dropped out of high school at 14 to follow his own entrepreneurial and creative path. He got his start around the nightclub scene in Montreal doing everything from designing flyers, to lighting, to scouting DJs, and designing streetwear. Since then he’s gone on to design the now-famous aesthetic for American Apparel retail stores, as well as collaborate with many of pop music’s biggest stars, including Kanye, Drake, Lady Gaga, and St. Vincent. With partner Brian Roettinger, he’s built a multidisciplinary design firm, Perron-Roettinger, that works across Interior design, live experience, print, and identity. A firm believer in life having a way of working out, Willo continues to embrace entrepreneurship, creativity, and collaboration in an intuitive and exhilarating way. Images, links and more from Willo Perron!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsors:InfratechInfratech outdoor comf

  • Ep. 159: Innovating for the Future of Furniture Design

    02/11/2021 Duración: 35min

    For this Clever Extra, Amy Devers sat down with Kent Parker and Paul Wilkinson of the design studio Formway in New Zealand and Giulio Bonazzi, who leads Italian synthetic materials producer Aquafil, to discuss their design collaboration. Together, they unpack the story behind a truly remarkable chair, the noho move chair. The noho move chair is revolutionizing residential seating design by addressing issues of health, movement, multifunction, and sustainability in monumental ways, while also pushing the boundaries and performance capabilities of the material it’s made from. Get a behind the scenes look at the innovation, collaboration, and experimentation that goes into creating the future of furniture design. Images, links and more from Econyl and Aquafil!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsors:This episode of Clever is brought to you by Aquafil, makers of ECONYL, a regenerated nylon derived from 100% recycled waste. Learn more here. Please say Hi on social! Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - @Clever

  • Ep. 158: Bringing Data to Life with Information Designer Giorgia Lupi

    26/10/2021 Duración: 46min

    Information designer and advocate for data humanism, Giorgia Lupi, spent her childhood in Italy organizing buttons in her grandmother’s tailor shop, a data collector already in the making. The teenage years had her expressing herself through the punk rock and heavy metal scene in her town. After receiving her master’s degree in Architecture, she began her PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano while founding Accurat, an internationally acclaimed data-driven design firm. Now a partner at Pentagram, and author of personal projects such as Dear Data, she continues to push for a humanistic approach to data as a path to understanding our complex realities. Images, links and more from Giorgia!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsors:Yellow ImagesYellow Images is a marketplace of over 70,000 high-quality premium mockups, creative fonts, PNG Images, and a creative store full of amazing graphic assets like lettering, icons, presets, brushes, and more. With Yellow Images, you can finish your projects faster without

  • Clever Confidential Ep. 3: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Murders at Taliesin

    19/10/2021 Duración: 29min

    On the afternoon of August 14th, 1915, fire ripped through Taliesin, the Spring Green, Wisconsin home of the world’s most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. When the smoke cleared seven people would be dead, murdered with an axe at the hands of Julian Carlton, a servant of Wright’s. But why? The motive remains a mystery to this day. But there are so many other questions. Why does seemingly everyone know Frank Lloyd Wright but strangely, very few seem to know this much darker side of his story? In this episode we’ll investigate all of that as well as the great state of Wisconsin, Wright’s never-ending battle with societal norms, and the interplay between critics and creative professionals. Happy Halloween! Images, links and more about Frank Lloyd Wright and the Murders at Taliesin!If you like Clever Confidential and want to hear more, please support us by telling your friends and letting us know what you think! You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - @CleverPodcast, @amydevers, @designmilk

  • Ep. 157: Designing for Dramatic Effect with Yasmine Ghoniem

    12/10/2021 Duración: 54min

    Interior designer and self-described “cocktail,” Yasmine Ghoniem has lived a whirlwind life across continents, cultures, and careers. Born in Kuwait to Australian and Egyptian parents, she lived throughout the Middle East before moving to the United States to attend Savannah College of Art and Design. She always had a deep love for music, feeling destined to be a performer, she formed indie rock bands with family and friends throughout the years. Yasmine eventually put down roots in Sydney, Australia where she founded and leads YSG Studio, an interior design studio focusing on residential and hospitality. She brings her eclectic influences and flair for the theatrical drama of staging and storytelling to all of her spaces. Intoxicating indeed! Images, links and more from Yasmine!Please say Hi on social! Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - @CleverPodcast, @amydevers, @designmilkIf you enjoy Clever we could use your support! Please consider leaving a review, making a donation, becoming a sponsor, or introduc

  • Ep. 156: Clever Extra - Creating Happier Places with Biophilic Design

    05/10/2021 Duración: 52min

    On this Clever Extra, Amy Devers sits down with Kari Pei, Interface VP of Global Product Design; David Oakey, founder of David Oakey Designs; and Bill Browning, founding partner of Terrapin Bright Green and co-author of Nature Inside: A Biophilic Design Guide. Together, they unpack the science, practical applications, and ROI of creating happier places with biophilic design. They dive into how diversity can inspire fabric patterns, how “evidence-based design” can improve cardiac patients' health, and the ‘psychoacoustics’ of moving water. Kari, David, and Bill discuss their favorite patterns, the power of biophilic design to create a better world, and how design and technology can continue to draw from the world around us to create happier places. Images, links and more!Many thanks to this episode’s sponsors:Interface, Inc. is a global flooring company specializing in carbon-neutral carpet tile and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl sheet, and nora® rubber flooring. Our products

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