Another World Podcast



Another World is a podcast about activists, artists, and radicals navigating the space between despair & hope.Produced monthly by Anthony Sorge.Contact: anotherworldpod at gmail dot com.


  • Another World Episode 2

    01/12/2015 Duración: 43min

    Another World Episode 2 features a conversation with Kelly Canavan. We talked about activist childhood and parenthood, writing, teaching, and knowing when to step back before burning out. Kelly Canavan is a mother, activist, and playwright who feels like she never stops yelling at people, except to apologize to everyone else for dropping the ball on yelling at people. Kelly began teaching public high school when she was twenty, but had to retire on disability after a decade. She is the founder of the tiny nonprofit The Accokeek, Mattawoman, Piscataway Creeks Communities Council. Her plays have appeared in the Capital Fringe Festival, Maryland One Act Festival, and showcases in DC and New York. She and her son are vegetarians who live like wolves. Wolves who love anime and hate injustice.

  • Another World Episode 1

    01/11/2015 Duración: 37min

    Another World Episode 1 features a conversation with Margaret Killjoy, an anarchist author, designer, and traveler. We talked about writing, gender non-conformity, death, and what happens when "no future punks" are confronted with the future. You can find Margaret online at For information about Luke O'Donovan’s case, and ways to support him, visit